About Mary Nunchuck

An accomplished psychiatrist and addictionologist with years of experience in the field, Dr. Mary Nunchuck most recently worked at the Racine Community Health Center in Racine, Wisconsin. In this role, Dr. Nunchuck performed psychiatric evaluations and prescribed medication for low-income patients with mental illnesses and chemical dependencies. Dr. Nunchuck also supervised a team of nurse practitioners and chemical dependency counselors, who aided her in the care and treatment of her patients. As a prominent figure at the Racine Community Health Center, Dr. Nunchuck partnered with the nurse practitioner to eliminate the long-term use of addictive tranquilizers.

In addition to her work at the Racine Community Health Center, Dr. Mary Nunchuck worked as a Psychiatrist at the Aalto Enhancement Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where she provided medication management and psychiatric evaluations for patients at the clinic. In recognition of her accomplishments at the Aalto Enhancement Center, Dr. Nunchuck received the prestigious Rising Star award for the services she rendered to a for-profit nursing home association.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Mary Nunchuck spent eight years as a Psychiatrist with Sebastian Family Psychology in Glendale, Wisconsin. In this capacity, Dr. Nunchuck provided top quality psychiatric services to low-income patients from a diverse array of ethnic backgrounds. In addition to supervising the drug and alcohol counselor, she helped the clinic finalize citizenship waivers for patients with chronic mental illnesses. Dr. Mary Nunchuck holds a D.O. from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Purdue University. She is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Nunchuck also actively serves her community, currently in various capacities through her local church, but also previously by volunteering at a homeless shelter. She has been married for 39 years, and enjoys reading historic fiction and gardening.


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